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1/4 of the way up Miller's Peak, looking down

1/4 of the way up Miller’s Peak, looking down

So. That’s the last picture I took in Arizona, looking down from the side of Miller’s Peak in the Coronado National Forest at the valley below us. A whirlwind in Massachusetts ends today, and I am off to Colorado and a new project begins!

I and my friend Shay will be traveling around, alternately into the wilderness and into new communities, blogging about both, and pausing long enough to suck up some delicious wifi on the way.

Ca’n’t forget those gaming roots!

Visit our shared blog at www.thegamingnomads.com and my Patreon page at www.patreon.com/elleshaped if you want to follow along with our adventure, and there you’ll find ways to help support our journey if you like!

It’s a little scary, heading off onto this totally new thing, but I am super excited about it. More words from me once I am more settled in Denver – or maybe the airport, if there is a long layover.