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This one is a mini-story.

With thanks to my dear friend Starless.

A Prayer to Alph

Once, long ago, when Ur was very different (and much younger, though how much is contentious) there were no stars in the sky.

Now, we know that stars are huge, flaming balls of gas, and the Sun that gives Ur its light is no different – in fact, it is flames and light that fuel our plants (except the Egg Plants, but again, that’s a different story)

In this dark and lonely night (It was always night, because there was no sun – it’s a star. Aren’t you paying attention?) one Glitch, recently sprung from the mind of a Giant when it accidentally imagined itself colliding with several other Giants, decided that they wanted… something more. Different.

That Glitch looked up into the inky sky, and they called forth:

“Alph! First of the Giants, beloved of the Sky
We need a guiding sense to see this world by!

You’ve given us so much to love and behold,
But we cannot see it! It’s terribly cold!

Please, help us to help you to wonder at All
That has come from the Giants! Please hear my call!”

Alph was feeling bored and lonely, and so when the tiny words of this tiny Glitch reached Him, He was filled with joy!

With a thought and a will
And bright mental light
Alph dreamed of STARS!
And ended the night!

The flames were so strong,
The light was so bright,
Alph set Ur to spinning!
To distribute delight.

The nights were still dark,
Skies blank as black cloth.
Alph dreamed up MORE stars!
And flung them aloft!

And the Glitch whose prayer
Brought this wonder to be
Was named by Alph “Starless”
To honor their plea!


Come back tomorrow for the next prayer! I wonder what it will be?!?