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Today – Spriggan!

A Prayer to Spriggan


Long ago, when Ur was younger, things were very ugly
Brown dirt, gray rocks, and Glitchen feeling lonely.

The Piggies wandered to and fro with nothing much to nibble
And the Chickens, well, their squeezing yielded very little.

All the creatures small and big were weeping more than laughing
When suddenly, as if by magic, -something- started happening.

Here, some green,
A little shoot!
And POP! A flower blooms!

The very first,
But not for long!
POP! POP! POP! And now they ZOOM!

First to sprout was Yellow Crumb, its blossoms light and airy.
Not far behind came Purple Flower. Don’t eat it, that is scary!

And then with a flourish a red plant unfurled, and there was Gandlevery.
Beside it, Hairball Flowers bloomed, its flowers white and hairy.

Next came Rubeweed, unassuming, but filled with something lucky.
And with it sprouted Silvertongue which made the Glitchen merry.

Seeing all this revelry and growing green with envy,
A Rook flew by and scattered seeds, and Rookswort joind the party!

Then the growing slowed,
The cliffsides furred,
The meadows full of wonder.

Something else was lacking, though,
And slowly, rising mighty,
The first of the Trees emerged!

A Wood Tree pressed above the crowd, inventing trunks and branches.
Next to come were Paper Trees, whose leaves were dry and crispy.

Then came more POPping, but not from herbs – the Bubble Trees were blooming!
And close behind, the Gas Plants swelled and the forests started fuming.

Then Egg Plants grew, but down, not up – the depths were not forgotten.
And Fruit Trees gave the Glitchen new tastes, though some of them were rotten.

Then with a zip and a zing, the Spice Plants came out with great panache,
And last to grow, the stately Bean Trees, who thought the others rash.

And seeing that the lands were filling up with joy and wonder,
Spriggan at last revealed Himself as the cause of all this bounty.

His Words to Ur:
“Preserve these gifts,
And always you will prosper.”

And with that He faded into dreams,
To watch His bounty prosper.
And now all Glitchen give him thanks
with every sprout they water!