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Wow, seven already! Today: Friendly!

A Prayer to Friendly


In the darkest depths of the coldest winter night
If you go walking into the trees
And you bear the stinging breeze
And you pass beyond the snowdrifts
And you hear laughing of a happy Glitch
Behold a fire burning in the dark
With dancers!

In the coldest depths of the darkest, deepest caves
If you go clambering under the Urth
And you press through clinging cobwebs
And you brush away the biting batterflies
And you hear the echos of a cheering song
Behold musicians playing a waltz
With dancers!

In the distant depths of the burning savannah
If you go cautiously through the grass
And you push through the leaves
And you stalk past the jujus
And you hear the chorus of a choir
Behold some merry Glitchen singing
With dancers!

In the burning depths of the distant volcano
If you go warily along the cliffs
And you leap past the lava
And you escape the poison gases
And you hear a racous party
Behold a Glitch’s house was spared
With dancers!

Near and far and far and near
Wherever one lends you a conforting ear
Far and near and near and far
Wherever one offers to help heal your scar
Everywhere friendship, and Friendly is always!