Xeno would be grumpy at my extremely liberal interpretation of his original argument, but… he’s dead. Who cares.

While I was trying to write my eulogy for Glitch, my computer crashed. That wasn’t, itself, unusual… Sethra has never been very well since I built her, and despite a number of transplants and RAM replacements, it turned out that the hard drive was done for.

Replacing the hard drive, I decided to rename her. It seemed like a brain transplant was severe enough to pass the ‘not the old one any longer…’ test. However, the pondering did lead to my little fable, and so we see that all questions bear fruit.

Anyway. Windows 8 is strange. I sometimes feel like I’m putting on one of the programmable-silicon spacesuits they use in Peter F. Hamilton’s “Night’s Dawn” trilogy, and sometimes I feel like I’m being eaten by an ooze.

The new computer works better than the old one ever did. Her new name is Alessa. I hope that it is ironic and not foreshadowing.