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(The following is a reproduction of a memorandum from the newly installed ‘Project Rerecovery Team’ for the Dimensional Sensing Project. The original memorandum was classified ‘Top Secret’ but has, through a strange quirk in temporal mechanics, become unclassified 72 years BEFORE it was produced, rather than after.)


To: Dimensional Sensing and Analysis Project Lead <NAME REDACTED>

From: Replacement Team Lead <NAME REDACTED>

Subj: Rerecovery progress and sensing records


It has taken us about two weeks to remove the old equipment, scour the worst of the soot and burn damage from the operational surfaces, and install and configure the new gear. At a loss as to the sorting of the debris, we have coded all recovered material as ‘Potential Remains’ and had them delivered to the forensics team.

<NAME REDACTED>, our primary sensing monitor, has told me that in practise, this equipment functions nothing like he learned in the training program. Despite this slight setback, we have finally begun recovering decipherable data.

It turns out that the first team was using a highly unorthodox, completely redesigned, and mostly jury-rigged antenna array. Without the specific details of their equipment, we have been unable to reacquire the old signal. However, we have finally found a new repeating data source, apparently from a similar but different dimension. The sensorium coordinates are <REDACTED>.

The first full decoding report should be issued from our communications and records officer within the next 48 hours.


<NAME REDACTED>, Project Team Leader