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So I’ve been really enjoying Elder Scrolls Online the last few weeks.

It has just the right combination of things that I love from the Elder Scrolls series (exploration, character customization, tons of clothes, awesome lore and setting) and things that I love from MMOs (lots of people, RP, playing with friends.)

It’s basically what I hoped it would be. There’re a few things that could be better (aren’t there always?) but overall, it seems to be making a strong showing.

Let me introduce to you Brielle Shadowlorn; alchemist, assassin, thief, and vampire queen:

Brielle Shadowlorn

Also, I’ve been working on a comprehensive collection of the various armor styles in the game, to use as a reference for folks interested in customizing their appearance. While there’s not yet a system to transform equipped gear into a different appearance, there’re some great gear manager addons which make it a snap to dress for the situation, whether it is combat or a dinner party!

That thread is over here:


‘s all for now!