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Alright. So.


The Secret World <— Go there. It’s ok, I’ll wait.


Ok, you back? That’s where I’ve been the past few days. The Secret World is like Shadowrun except that it has been updated with all of the latest trends – you keep in contact with your boss (i.e. questgiver) via smart phone, you hack into people’s computers to find the password to deactivate their Cthulhu-attracting device because it works -too well-, and you meet a family of Indians who live in a trailer park in the shadow of their half-finished casino.


Oh, and did I mention that this was all going on during a zombie invasion of a small island off of the coast of Maine? When a thick fog tolled in and never left? When a ghost ship was reportedly sighted shortly beforehand?


It sounds like the start of a great horror movie except that this is an amazing work of art – an MMO that is actually intriguing, a world that is exactly like our own except that it’s juuuust a little different, because every conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard of is actually true – and you are thrust into the middle of it.


I recently had the honor of stamping ‘Mostly Resolved’ on the Illuminati’s file on the Solomon Islands Incident, due in part to my assistance during a critical phase of the cleanup operation. As I was leaving the island, I encountered a group of Orochi Group Men (and Women) in Black who ask me to please check out a ship of theirs that crashed during the incident.


When I say ‘ask’ I mean ‘compelled to with threat of force’.


Needless to say, it ended poorly. The extraction chopper that was taking us out of the burning container ship filled with octopus-monster Davy Jones wanna-be corpses and their jellyfish-mushroom-octopus overlord, when Cthulhu Himself wrecked out chopper and dumped us into the rocky shallows near the island. He easily dispatched several survivors from the crash before I fled back to Agartha to regroup and prepare for a second encounter. It will not end the same way a second time.


Take this as my hearty endorsement of this game. If you go play (seriously, why is this an ‘if’?) you can look me up on the Arcadia (RP) Dimension. I’m an Illuminati, and my name is Scheria.

And now back in to take some screenshots and probably do a couple of missions…