Because if you do, these might interest you.

Over the years, mostly between 2001 and 2005, I had a lot of disposable income compared to my expenses. Being a typical financially savvy teenager, I spent it on about $4,000 worth of anime cels from my favorite animes.

Here is my favorite cel from each of the series I own cels from! Click on them for a bigger version.

First, Blue Seed. On the left, Momiji Fujimiya, also known as the Kushinada, the princess who contains the power to force the Aragami into slumber or even destroy them utterly. On the right, Reiko Kanbayashi, in whose back yard is a cave where a spider-Aragami was sealed. It has broken free, and is controlling Reiko by means of a tiny spider attached to her neck below her left ear.

Next, Misuzu Arito from Boogiepop Phantom. Don’t be deceived by her professions of love of all things or her innocent and tranquil appearance – she is responsible for more deaths than almost any other character in the series. Repressing her memories of finding her childhood friend Megumi Toyama murdered, and taking her alternate name ‘Panuru’, she eventually becomes allies with the Manticore’s phantom. She helps it to consume the life force of many of her fellow students by convincing them to give themselves up to him.

Then we have Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. This is Nene Romanova, the youngest of the Knight Sabers. She is a police dispatcher during the day, and an avid computer hacker / berserk biorobot fighter by night.

Next we have one from Martian Successor: Nadesico. This is Ruri Hoshino, Science Officer aboard the Nadesico. She’s winning a ‘Who will be the next captain of the Nadesico?’ beauty pageant (though she will ultimately recuse herself from the competition in order to allow Yurika to retain captaincy.)

Last, we have Lain. She is -REDACTED-