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Once again, we return to the journal of the Expedition Leader of “Goodwhip”:

23 Malachite, 251

Today, our first new arrivals from the Mountainhome arrived. Though we are happy to welcome new settlers here, there are… some issues which cause me great concern.

The two Dwarves who wandered into our trade depot seem nice enough. Their names are Deler Debbenrovod (“Cheerfularch”), a Dwarfmaiden of the best appearance, and her husband Iton Tekkudthol (“Pickdeep”) who has the appearance of a former monk. Their diplomatic message puch was ruined almost beyond any salgaving by an attack by, to use their words, “A huge, slavering beast with too many eyes, not enough legs, and severely bad breath.” This creature also, they tell us, killed the rest of the dwarves with them.

They tell me that they are settlement organizer volunteers – joining our expedition in order ot get a share in our profits – and that they were escorting five more former prisoners to join us. I have nothing but their word to rely on, since all of their paperwork was destroyed… but something about them bothers me. I will keep an eye on them as they get themselves settled.


23rd Limestone, 251

As the leaves on the trees begin to wither and die, and the surface world freezes in the grip of another winter, I give thanks to my fortune for having been born a Dwarf, so I can know a life in the stable, hospitable underground. I don’t know what madness drives the surface dwellers to live beneath a capricious open sky, but I do not share it.

Proving that I am not alone in my feelings, more new immigrants arrived today. This group was intact, with proper diplomatic introductions and badges of status, and so I am doubly thankful. The extra hands will be crucial in getting our foothold well established.

The volunteer representatives of the Undermountain are again a married couple. This brings us no surprise, as one of the first traditional things a newly married couple does is to find their own place in the world. I consider it fortunate that some look upon our expedition as the right place to settle and build a family. This couple are Obok Thobshagog (“Girderstasis”), who with her great girth, beautiful braids, and properly large eyes is the image of Dwarven womanhood; and her husband, Tosid Morulothbem (“Pagepink”) has the sharp, noble hook to his nose and the rich auburn hair, moustache, and beard  that can propel an otherwise uninteresting Dwarf to noblehood.

They bring with them two prisoners: Onget Aliszas (“Kissedcrystals”), imprisoned for a term defined by gems produced rather than time served (in her case, fifty half-fists of pure Red Beryl) for the crime of theft from the community stockpile; and her husband Rigoth Kadolvabok (“Hatchetorbs”), imprisoned for a sentence equal to Onget’s term plus fifteen years, for the crimes of adultery, bigamy, elopement, and aiding a theft from the community stockpile, and when his second wife Onget chose emigration he followed.

All in all, even the criminals in this group seem steady, hardworking folks, and I have high hopes for the coming winter’s delving.

13th Timber, 251

The first trade caravan from the Undermountain has arrived safely! We have little in the way of trade goods this season, but their very presence has brought a sense of hope and connection to home to all of us.

Included in her journal were sketches of several mining development plans and site surveys, showing the living areas under feverish construction.

Our first image is the arrival of Goodwhip’s very first trade caravan.

Goodwhip's First Caravan

The arrival of the very first Dwarven trade caravan to Goodwhip.

Our next images are copies of Ezum’s site surveys of the various developing levels of the fortress:

Goodwhip's Habitation Level, Autumn 251

The living area and meeting hall of Goodwhip, circa Autumn 251

Goodwhip's Crafting Level, Autumn 251

The industry and crafting level of Goodwhip, circa Autumn 251

After resolving the images necessary to produce this report, our equipment developed a neutrino buildup which required us to shut it down. We are currently performing a trap-shielding fluid rebalancing, which should take roughly 24 hours if all goes well.