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That’s right, today marks 5 years since graduation of the Scholomance Class of 235!

For those of you not of an occult bent, or who are unfamiliar with Azeroth and its history, Scholomance (or Lordaeron School of Necromancy, as it is never called by its students) is a school of practical and applied necromancy with strong ties to Arthas, the former Lich King of Northrend. It is (or was, as will soon become clear) run by its tyrannical and totally unprofessional Headmaster, the Darkmaster Gandling. Mostly due to Gandling’s gross mismanagement of the tenure process and his willingness to sell out to corporate lobbyists, the school has fallen on very hard times recently.

The decline of the school proper, however, has not dulled the festivities for the 5th Anniversary celebration. Events included:

A pet show with three categories: “Best Singing by a Non-Animal”, “Dumbest Thing Since Rocks”, and “Most Capable of Self-Defence”. Pictured are the first-place winners in each!

Sennenndra, a sunflower, winner of First Prize for “Best Singing by a Non-Animal”

“Hopeless”, a dumb sheep, winner of First Prize in the “Dumbest Thing Since Rocks” category.

Terry, a tiny blue dragon, winner of First Prize in the “Most Capable of Self-Defence” category.

A dog (and other similarly-sized and intelligent quadruped) show. Pictured is the first place winner, Khuzhuum the Felhunter!

Khuzhuum, left, being pinned with the First Prize in the Dog Show by honorary event judge, Scheria!

The event was catered by the finest Undercity food service technicians and was MC’d and chaired by the sole graduating member of the Class of 235, Valedictorian and Honorary Doctor Scheria, currently an officer in the guild Malice. Scheria declared herself chairperson of the board for that year after eliminating the rest of the class, as well as most of the faculty, shortly after her abrupt termination as associate professor and graduate student by then Headmaster, Gandling. Scheria also served, due to lack of available officials, as the judge and awards presenter in the Pet Contest and the Dog Show.

Scheria takes a break from the festivities, resting on an Undercity Caterers’ banquet wagon.

The event was brought to a close by the now-traditional Shouting Down of the Sun, when the members of the celebrated class choose their favorite method and do their best to shout the sun into setting sooner than it would have otherwise. Attendees report a staggering 100% approval rating of the events, the highest for any celebration at this school.

Scheria, valedictorian of the Class of 235, participates in the annual ‘Shout Down The Sun!’ closing festivities at the Five-Year Class Reunion.

PS – Did you think we forgot about Scheria’s other demonic followers? Well, we didn’t! They were not at the festivities proper, having decided to make use of their unusual three-day liberty to visit some of their favorite places.

Betlia, in the ‘massage parlor’ at the Hellfire Peninsula Mannoroth Memorial Spa

Juk’nak chose to relax in the slime pools at the Hellfire Peninsula Mannoroth Memorial Spa

Scheria’s mostly-loyal imp Ziltuk chose to visit a cave a half-day’s travel from Scholomance which he refers to cryptically as ‘Home’