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I’m going to go straight into Ezum’s logs:

Late Winter, 251

We let our guards down after the success repelling the first invader from the Stars, and so the second got away from it. I include here descriptions of the creature and of its escape.

A second beastly creature, likely servant of the stars, came into our stockpile last night. It’s physical description is recorded herein.

This fat little hellspawn lives to thieve from someone else, but she’ll not return.

As you can probably tell, the spring thaw has finally begun. I suppose I should begin heading my entries with 252 soon, once we determine which day to start measuring from.

The very minute, it seems, that the thaw was in full force, a group of 26 new immigrants arrived. Twice the current population for the fortress! All expecting a hot meal and a warm bed and new clothes and a workspace and unlimited supplies. And we have to dig! I have decided to list their names in the official record, and assign half of them to the digging project and half to logistics duties. We must begin producing salable gem-crafts and stone-works, or we will starve in the next winter. Should any of them prove to be of particular worth, I will mention them here but all that really matters is the digging.

I must get our supply situation sorted so that we can go back to the digging.

Here, again, the transmission breaks down into static, this time accompanied by a deep, droning chant. Feedback caused our entire system to fail several seconds later, but the chanting sounds persisted for hours.

We have decided they, too, should be marked as ‘Completely unimportant and no further research required.’

Once we have the equipment repaired and installed into the new location, we will resume our regular submissions.