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<The following is an excerpt from the personal journal of the third Dimensional Sensing Project team lead>

My SIO informs me that, overnight, they were able to collect and translate a huge amount of data, and produced a report on the state of the Dwarf-creatures’ outpost (apparently called a ‘Fortress’ in their language) at the end of their first year.

I will let the images speak for themselves as we begin the summary:

A schematic of the ground floor of Bronzebanners

This is an annotated schematic of Bronzebanners’ ground-level structures. Of note are the water-filled ‘moats’ which appear to both guide and defend incoming trade caravans, and the large stairwell at the extreme west end of the fortress which apparently provide access to both the upper and lower levels.

The above-ground level of Bronzebanners is used entirely for finished goods storage

This is an annotated schematic diagram of Bronzebanners’ only above-ground level; apparently the entire space inside of the hill containing the fortress’ entrance has been hollowed out and is being used for finished goods storage.

Bronzebanners' living level

This is a schematic diagram of Bronzebanners’ first belowground level, which is entirely devoted to housing. Also shown is the water-filled trench which forms the protective caravan moat.

Bronzebanners' crafting level

This is an annotated schematic diagram of Bronzebanners’ second subsurface level. It seems to be the center of manufacture and crafting for these strange, industrious creatures. It would seem that they have divided their workshops by the type of raw materials used, in order to expedite their access to stockpiles.

My staff inform me that the only thing of note to happen in the fortress’ first year was the production of a very unusual drum. It would appear that one of the farmers was suddenly gripped by a strange mania, demanding that a craftshop be set up and reserved for him alone. He then proceeded to collect some very odd materials and disappear into the workshop in a flurry of fevered crafting. When he emerged, he was triumphantly clutching a wooden drum adorned with spikes of yak bone, which he called Lathonstettad (“Mythtaxes”).

The most unusual aspect of this object is that it apparently radiates some sort of unusual energy wavelengths, which can be picked up by our sensing equipment. Our SIO has theorized that it is the presence of this type of object that allows us to pinpoint some locations, while others are opaque to us.

She hasn’t, however, been able to explain why the later existence of these objects allows us to find the site before their construction. She went into a technical description of temporal mechanics and cross-lateral dimensional radiation analysis, but it was far too technical for me to follow. I did get the distinct impression that she had no idea either, and was hurriedly trying to make a convincing-sounding answer. I just nodded and patted her on the shoulder, told her to keep up the good work, and departed while shaking my head in bemusement.

Further updates will be issued as warranted.