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*** TOP SECRET ***


CASE 347-12-SMI

INITIAL CONTACT: Spotters in the area of Kingsmouth, Maine to investigate supernatural sighting reports radioed a sighting of a possible Orochi Corporation secret operations helicopter. The location of the sighting corresponded with a likely location for a missing Orochi Corporations cargo ship, and so the agent began to infiltrate the area to gain a better perspective. He reports seeing an explosion several minutes later, which he assumed to be the helicopter crashing. He deployed a UAV, but some form of electromagnetic radiation caused almost all of the data it sent back to be corrupted.

Sarah Morgan engaged in combat with some form of highly advanced, previously unknown form of Draug

Sarah Morgan engaged in combat with some sort of highly advanced, previously unknown form of Draug


DIRECTORATE RECOMMENDATIONS: Continue surveillance of the Kingsmouth area. However, it seems that since this incident, the rate of Draug shore incursions has greatly decreased. However, reports have been coming in from a small Egyptian town named al-Marayah. Some sort of civil unrest seems to be escalating to public gunfights and rioting. All free personnel beyond two spotters and one UAV mechanic are hereby reassigned to Egypt to more closely monitor the situation.

FURTHER NOTE: I should not need to restate the importance of not making direct contact with any of the surveillance subjects. We are strictly to observe and report. Do not engage.

*** TOP SECRET ***