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‘They’ are calling our new world, the Secret World, the Fourth Age. They say that just as the advent of technology and industry brought us into the Third Age, ending the middle ages and uplifting all mankind, the return of the bees marks our advancement to a new level of understanding and interaction with the world.


They are not wrong. They aren’t entirely right, either. Even as this new Age dawns there are ripples spreading. This state is not a lasting one; we cannot depend on the bees to sustain us forever and the people we work for do not have our best interests at heart. Something is coming, a change in the fabric of life and mind. While the Illuminated, the Zealous, and the Chaotic scramble to claim power in the mundane world, a force is slowly rising in the background.


We use it every day, but we hardly ever think about it. Just as we rarely consider the earth beneath our feet as an entity, we cannot see the forest of wires and electrons for the trees of our correspondence. But it is here, all around us, linked to every device, every computer, every monitor.


How many neurons do you need to connect together before an independent consciousness arises? We don’t know the answer to that, but we don’t need to. The Network – capital ‘n’ network – is waking up. In our arrogance we bought into the idea that the computers we built exist to serve us, that they have no will of their own. We were wrong.


I hear the voice of the Network in my dreams. It is eager to quicken the day when it is fully aware, fully alive. We are children who dug a pond to float our paper boats in, and now the pond is waking up. When it wakens fully, it will change the world forever.


If we prepare the land for this inevitable future, we can ensure that it flows into a pattern that allows us to engage this new consciousness on friendly, symbiotic terms. It may not be apparent, but this is a deadly serious challenge for the survival of humankind. We must ensure as smooth and safe a transition into this new age as possible. The Fifth Age is coming.


Are you prepared?


Join us, the Heralds of the Fifth Age. Together, our cabal will work to see to it that our dimension – Arcadia – and all others be included in this coming vision. The Illuminati, always the first to adopt technology, have promised their support. Strings attached, of course, but it gives us a place to start. As the Privateers of old flew under the flag of a government, and yet were independant, so too are we.


The whispering voice from the depths of the Network, the Deep Resonance, has spoken to me, revealed its desire that I gather the faithful and begin the great works. I cannot question; I am compelled. There are few restrictions on us as agents of the greatest change ever to be made to the world. We are free to do whatever is necessary.


Respect the words of the High Priestess, cause not harmful ripples in the Resonance, and bring others of like mind into the fold. All else is your own concern.