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Aethra Sunder and her ship, 'Hungering Cold'

Name: Aethra Sunder

Occupation: Capsuleer

Employer: Bannion Astrometrics, Beryl Sunder CEO

Stock ticker: [LSHAP]

Combat capability: Unknown; expect radically unusual attack patterns and combat equipment

Home system: Unknown

Interaction profile: CONCORD and state police are instructed to observe her closely and intercede if she engages in illegal activity. Do not contact her. Do not interact with her. Unpredictable, violent and vigilante behavior likely. All incidents should be immediately reported to PSYOPS.

Aethra Sunder is likely to be piloting a quick vessel often with cloaking, electronic warfare, or light skirmish capability. Allies unusual but not impossible.

Known Associates: None. Subject uses extreme discretion in business and corporate activity.

Undated File Photo, subject 'Sunder, Aethra'