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thehungeringc O ld

th e hun g e rin g c O l d

Anna… Anna! Please…

Anna? Aethra. Oh, here it comes

italwaysstartswith thehungeringc O ld

Too many memories!

“Dammit! Nurse! Get some paralytics STAT! She’s siezing!”

“Catch her! Catch her!”

i guess this isnt going to be one of the easy times


Again, words then lights. Much easier to see now.

“Hey, there! We’re glad to see you’re finally stable.”

White coat; doctor. Look around, beds, wires, tubes, cloning facility. Nurses. Only patient.

Back to white coat, but he’s gone. Turn to ask nurses where he went. Gone.

Alone. Naked.

Freezing. So cOldcoldcold…


Then, ice and calm spreading from my right arm.

Breathing slows; eyes open.

As the last few shreds of the dream fade, my whole life in a second, again. Same as every time. Just gotta ride the wave and enjoy the memories.

The price we pay for immortality: Terror, pain, and remembering.

There it is; the dark horizon of sleep. Tomorrow the mind will be settled, the computers updated, the new ship prepared. Tomorrow…